2020 Manifesto

23rd January 2020

This one-page document outlines at a high level, the core strategic requirements which Grow Remote is seeking Government parties to include in their 2020 manifesto and programme for Government. 

Grow Remote is committed to work with all sectors of government, employers and all other parties in this endeavour. 

Grow Remote advocate for connecting employers, employees and communities so that our talented workforce can live, work, grow their careers, contribute positively to carbon footprint and congestion reduction and thereby, sustain local communities while unlocking access to skills across the country.

1.       Remote Working Strategy 

Develop a coherent Remote Working Strategy for Ireland, working with an interdepartmental Remote First Task Force to deliver actionable and tangible policies to support successful adoption rates.

2.       Clear Guidelines 

Complete the work started by Minister for Enterprise Innovation and Business, to deliver Clear Guidelines for employees and employers on remote working and simplify the process for establishing remote employment.

3. Changing the Culture

IDA and Enterprise Ireland & Údarás na Gaeltachta to promote, market and target remote to new and existing FDI and indigenous enterprises respectively. Selling the business benefits and the reasons why this makes sense and offering relevant supports to enable it is successful and sustainable.

4.     Meaningful Tax Break Incentives

Provide meaningful tax break incentives for employees and employers. Incentives and supports need to encourage both employers and employees to make the change – tax incentives, work from home allowance, supports for business transformation to remote and training supports.

5.       Marketing of Ireland 

Marketing of Ireland as a ‘Great Place to Work Remotely’.

A marketing programme on a similar basis to Fáilte Ireland, i.e. an official government supported website, advertising and marketing programme. Linking remote working to all four corners of Ireland and rural towns in between. Ireland today is up and coming for remote work, but with a strong central plan in place, Ireland Inc. could become a front-runner and lead the way within Europe with expertise in this area and add another key differentiator for talent and employers seeking talent.

Note: For more information on each of the 5 points above please contact Grow Remote