A Survey For The Next Phase

Unprecedented times likes this call for action, support and a greater sense of community. We’re grateful to all companies who are sharing their best practices openly.

We’re seeing that companies are focused on surveying their teams to inform their next steps and what their new normal is. Some people may want to get straight back to the office, some a few days in and a few out, and some people will want fully remote.

So we contacted the team at Frankli, where continuous feedback in the workplace is core to what they do.

They’ve kindly designed and shared a new Covid response survey template for companies big and small to share with their teams during these times.

What does the Survey Measure?

  • Company Performance
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Management support
  • Effective Communication
  • Culture
  • Your role
  • Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Action

Survey Design

All questions are rated on a Likert scale (strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, and strong agree) unless otherwise noted as free form text. We would encourage the ability to capture optional comments on each question response for further analysis and insight. Questions are best left as non-mandatory to promote engagement in terms of survey responses.

Thank you to the team at Frankli, and all those who open up information so that everyone is equipped with the insights they need to make employment accessible everywhere.

See the template question here