Ask Me Anything: Onboarding Remotely

How do you onboard new team members into a team when the company doesn’t have an office? 

Onboarding remotely is a very important topic which most companies overlook. Regardless of how small or big the team is it’s best to have an onboarding process so your new teammates don’t feel left out and lost during their 1st days in the company. 

Buffer is one of the pioneers when it comes to remote working and has a solid onboarding remotely process in place. That’s why we invited Marcus to share his experience on how they onboard new employees into their team. 

Marcus is working as Engineering Manager at Buffer and his current focus is leadership and management in distributed companies and how we can build more psychologically safe teams in a digital world. Marcus writes about virtual leadership in FastCompany, mentors other remote supervisors, and facilitates international workshops about management in distributed teams.

Here’s the recording of that session: