Life at Grow Remote

We asked our team to share their thoughts on what it’s like to work with a fast-growing, innovative and fully remote social enterprise.

First up, Community Facilitator Dónal and Employers Lead, Joanne.

What’s a typical day like at Grow Remote?


A day as Community Facilitator is action-packed so I’ll usually start the day with an hour-long walk by the seaside; it clears the head and energises the body, so it’s perfect prep for the morning Community catch-up with my partner-in-crime Graham. We answer members’ questions, connect people to remote opportunities, and jump onto community outreach calls. We might have a full team check-in or ideas session to close off the morning.

After lunch time spent with my 6-month old son, afternoons usually involve planning and delivering on our community events strategy. Although the schedule will continue to evolve, we’re motivated every day by our aim to make remote work accessible while promoting wellness and productivity among our members and striving to create grassroots social impact through our network of Chapters nationwide.


The great thing about my role is that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ day. I am involved in a number of really interesting projects, such as our Remote Alliance with some of Ireland’s leading employers. On any given day I could be meeting with our Employer Partners and planning our next events together, or I could be talking to a company who is thinking about making the move to remote and needs some support. Other days I could be creating content, writing op-eds for the media or even appearing on the radio!

The Grow Remote team checks in every morning for a virtual coffee and chat and we usually have team meetings to plan our activities or check in on important projects. Some mornings I like to start late so I can go for a run before I start my work day.  I usually take my dog Luke out for a nice long walk in the afternoon and at 3pm my 11-year old daughter comes home from school so I like to take a break and catch up with her on her day. As a fully remote worker in a team which values trust and autonomy, I get to plan my work in the way that best suits my life.

Looking at your past experience, what has been the most useful to you in your role with Grow Remote?


My experience as an entrepreneur in the arts sector has stood to me since Grow Remote behaves like a start-up. Things move at a rapid pace and each team member has a very high capacity. It is full of ambitious and talented people, but we also make sure to look after each other. After all, that’s the most important thing.


My experience in the corporate world has been very valuable, both in small and large multinational companies, as has my experience in partner management and enablement. The brilliant thing about Grow Remote is that you have flexibility to contribute to the organisation in many different ways, not just within the strict confines of your job description. I have a journalism degree but had not worked in this space for many years, and had more or less given up on the idea of putting this qualification to use. But since I joined Grow Remote I have had the opportunity to write several articles, op-eds and blog posts and have been lucky enough to represent Grow Remote on national media. Everyone in the Grow Remote team has their own unique background and skill set, and we all get the opportunity to put these talents to good use and make a unique contribution towards achieving our mission.

What do you enjoy most about life at Grow Remote?


The sense of purpose at Grow Remote is amazing and seeing the meaningful impact we are having on people’s lives is very motivating. We are a high performing team and we work hard, but we always take time to remind ourselves of why we are here. 


I love working as part of an impressive team where trust and respect are central to how we support each other’s work. I’m inspired by my colleagues and I’m passionate about facilitating social impact at the local level. At Grow Remote, I can go about my work with total flexibility, which means more invaluable time with my family

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself


I have sung in concert halls in Tokyo, Shanghai, Ontario and Rotterdam!


I just started learning how to rollerblade!