Become a Changemaker!

As the only social enterprise in this space, we’re uniquely built to share everything you need to know about remote work and how it can help drive transformational change in your community.

We provide support for all kinds of changemakers


Grow Remote Community Fund

This fund is available to changemakers who wish to solve problems in their local community. To apply to the fund, you must be a remote employee. After that, it’s up to you; badminton, yoga, singing classes, careers fair, what ever will bring people together to achieve your goal!

Up to €1,000 per year is available to Chapter Leads.


Remote Advocates Course

Our free, interactive and self-paced online course provides everything you need to know about the world of remote work to become an effective changemaker.

Local Leader Training

Our free Local Leader Training will help you get started as a Chapter Lead with 6 self-paced modules accompanied by 3 interactive sessions online. It’s the perfect way to meet other changemakers.

Community Team

Dónal and Graham, two of our people dedicated full-time to spreading remote employment in local communities, are on hand to help every step of the way.

Event Support

Whether it’s a videographer, advice, template talks, educational materials, a few bob to get going, or just a bit of sound advice, we can help!


Our Town Halls provide a forum for Chapter Leads to share knowledge, collaborate, ask for help, and share local wins. We also run bespoke workshops!


While you’re looking after your community, we’ll look after you. Championing your work and impact across our international community every chance we get. 

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