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Over the past few years the Grow Remote community has run over 500 events. These engage leaders in companies, people managers, those looking to find remote work (employment as opposed to freelancing/gig work) or just connect locally.

Some of these are run by the central team in Grow Remote, and some by local community leaders. Talk titles may include:

  • Managing remote teams
  • Handling challenging conversations remotely
  • Building and fostering culture in remote teams
  • Things to consider in hybrid remote teams
  • Building internal communities of remote workers
  • Communication in remote teams
  • Leading remotely
  • Managing the transition to remote
  • Performance management in remote teams

We would like to give a platform to people who have real experience in remote work, and we often get offers to contribute. So this is our way of keeping all of that in one place.

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Grow Remote is a non-profit with The Meitheal at its core. We made public our kit for building local communities, and over 130 local volunteers do just that!