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What is the Future of Work?

Half of the workforce is set to be remote by 2040, currently, the number stands around 216,000. We want to capitalise on that trend and pro-actively help companies hire and to navigate remote and flexible working.  

The more talent you enable to have the freedom of a place to live, the more opportunity our rural towns have, the greater your cost savings and access to a larger talent pool and the higher their productivity and job satisfaction.

If you are interested in looking into remote work further, or to discuss what we do, please get in contact.  We are here to support companies in moving into the remote working realm or in further developing existing programs.

Are you hiring remotely in Ireland or want to? Let us know at

We also have a mailing list if you’d like to get updates on our chapters and general progress straight to your inbox:

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We run large events yearly, you can speak, sponsor, or create content for these.


Chapters are being set up around the country and they’re looking to connect with remote working companies. You can sponsor or participate in these locally.

Let us know

Hiring? Just let us know. We’ll get it out through our growing socials, and via our local community leaders. Free, of course.

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