Crisis Control: How to Implement Remote Work in Your Team When You’re Not Ready

The COVID-19 has forced many companies to send their empluyees home to prioritize their safety. As a result, thousands of people are now working remotely without training and guidance. 

Even when you have all the right tools, challenges in communication, routine changes, and distractions can leave your employees unproductive. Work-from-home policies don’t really tell you how to actually work and as a result people find themselves uncertain and lost. 

So how do you implement remote work and manage your team when you’ve never done this before?

We invited Gonçalo Hall, founder of Remote Work Movement and André Luís, Frontend Engineer Manager of GitLab, in this panel discussion moderated by our Globalization Lead, June Bolneo to talk about the challenges of implementing remote work, managing remote teams, employee health and safety, and their best practices in embracing the future of work.