Debate on Right to Request Remote Work Bill highlights need for companies to develop robust remote working policies

Press release, 02 March 2022

This morning’s Joint Oireachtas Committee scrutiny of the Right to Request Remote Work Bill 2022 highlights the need for all companies to proactively develop robust remote working policies, according to Grow Remote. 

“Building a remote working policy is the essential first step to successful remote working: it will clearly define expectations and provide clarity to employers and employees from the outset,” says Joanne Mangan, Employers Lead at Grow Remote. 

“Many of the questions raised at this morning’s debate centred around challenging workplace scenarios and possible pitfalls.” 

“If we switch the narrative to a more solutions-focussed approach, most of these issues can be planned for in advance through the process of developing a remote working policy.” 

“This should be a collaborative and transparent process, developed in partnership with the employer and the employees. This way the policy can be closely tailored to meet the specific needs of each business and its staff.” 

Investment and supports for businesses to transition to remote 

In order for the bill to succeed and provide the necessary framework for remote working, Grow Remote says the government must invest in delivering a highly practical set of resources and supports to help businesses transition. 

“We know that there is a strong business case to encourage companies to adopt a remote-first working model, but in asking them to go remote, we are asking them to undertake a significant, costly and time-consuming transformation.” 

“Government must take action to de-risk the transition for companies so that they and their employees can reap the benefits and rewards of remote. The legislation by itself cannot drive the systemic change needed to build a world-class remote working ecosystem in Ireland. Real action and investment is needed to support businesses and drive major culture change in the Irish workplace.” 

“We really welcome the Government’s commitment to remote working contained in this bill. Alongside that we need leaders to adopt a proactive approach driven by a real desire at all levels to make Ireland a world leader in remote working practices into the future.” 

Grow Remote has developed a guide to building a remote working policy for businesses. 
  • Joanne Mangan is available for interview

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