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The Remote Playbook for SMEs

The Remote Playbook for SMEs brings you real-life case studies from leading remote employers.


1: Building a remote work policy
2: Attracting remote talent
3: Recruiting remotely
4: Onboarding remote employees
5: Communication in a remote world
6: Creating a great company culture


The Remote & Hybrid Maturity Model

In this guide you will learn about the building blocks for a truly great remote-first culture.

You can follow our step-by-step guide to assessing your organisation across a number of key pillars, from culture, to communication, to leadership, and more.

The maturity model enables your organisation to gather feedback from employees, managers and senior leadership, in order to create a 360 degree view of where you currently are on the journey, and what you need to do to build a culture that is truly thriving remotely.

Remote/Hybrid Policy Template 

This template is ready to be tailored to your individual organisation and should be considered a starting point for documenting your remote working policy. 

Whether you are fully remote or hybrid, this easy to follow template includes everything you need to build your remote working policy. 


Case Studies from Remote Employers

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