From Our Learners: Remote Work Ready Testimonials

Grow Remote’s mission is to normalise remote working and make remote jobs accessible to everyone. A big part of this mission is our Remote Work Ready training, a fully funded training programme by Laois and Offaly Education and Training Board (LOETB) delivered by Grow Remote to help individuals find remote employment. Last year we trained a group of lovely women from the Moving On Programme in Kerry . Here’s what our learners got to say about their experience:


I found the course excellent, I especially loved the interactive element of it. The topics were very applicable to the workforce and looking for jobs – topics such as virtual communication and updating your LInkedIn profile were really useful. The whole course was really good and the digital badge was brilliant to put on your LinkedIn afterwards – it all linked up really well.  


After the course I found a job working from home and the course really helped me to get a good start in this new role.  My day to day job is exactly like the practical work we did in the course so I have been able to apply what I learned. 

My office is in Galway and I am working from home in Cork – that’s the best part of remote working, you can work from wherever you are. I’m really enjoying it. Before working remotely I was doing the school run then dropping and collecting from childcare and this takes up most of your time.  With remote working I can pick up my daughter from school and don’t have to use childcare since I am working at home. 


The peer support sessions really helped me to study and enjoy the course as much as I did. In the beginning I panicked a little because I haven’t been studying at home before and it was through a different language.  I don’t like to commit to something that I don’t think I can manage because it would be a blow to my self-confidence. But I found it great because we had our own peer support sessions on Friday and we as a group also created a little chat in Whatsapp and in the zoom sessions we were all together so let’s say if you were too shy to ask a question someone would ask it for you.  

This course showed me that it could be possible for me to work remotely. Before I have always had jobs that could not be done remotely, but this experience showed me that there are other professions that are absolutely possible for me to do remotely.


I found the course very interesting, I liked the component that June taught particularly, I found it very useful. It opened my eyes to the possibility of remote working which I had not even considered beforehand. This was a revelation for me given that I did not have a lot of ‘techie’ knowledge but it doesn’t really take that much once you get the basics. 

Afterwards I worked for 3 months as a coordinator and while it was not actually ‘remote’ working, I was sitting alone in an office communicating with everyone only via email or chat – so having the knowledge from the course helped me greatly in that. 


The way the class was done was very interesting, the videos, the support we had with links, website, the way the quizzes were done – it was interactive, it was new, it was out of the box – so I felt happy doing the course. It wasn’t something that I had to do, it was something I was very happy to discover every week and I really enjoyed it. 


I had wanted to work remotely since before the pandemic. I had done the 9-5 in the office all day and I didn’t want to go back to that. Since doing the course I have been talking to multinationals who are offering a career working remotely and that wouldn’t have happened before. They have even offered other roles that are not only fully remote but fully flexible so you can get your work done in the time that suits you. These  are proper careers with proper salaries so you are no longer limited in your career if you want to work remotely, it doesn’t seem to be a drawback to want this option. You can now get a proper career working remotely, it’s not just something part-time with no career progression – that’s what I find most amazing – they are proper jobs. 

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