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Community Chapters

30% of respondents to this survey said lack of community was the biggest challenge to remote working. And those who aren’t working remotely? According to this Remote How Survey   62% of people don’t work remotely because they don’t know where to start. You can get that full e-book here. We want to help that for our 200k+ current remote workers, those who nomads who will travel through, and those who will convert to remote working. You can apply to become a ‘Chapter Leader’ of Grow Remote locally. Each chapter has it’s own projects, some organise meetups, others events, and others do promotional activities for their town. Apply to get started here and join our Facebook Group and get more support. We’re the only place that you can find the world of remote work openly, that we know of. Want to add more? The working doc is here

Check out the companies who hire

The one thing that central to a well functioning community is ‘the grapevine’. What are x like to work for really? Is Y’s business in trouble? Are salaries at z transparent? who is that small but exceptional company that you need in with now? For now, Glassdoor does that, so here are some companies hiring in Ireland with brilliant feedback.


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