Getting your community remote working

We want to enable more communities in Ireland to increase the number of remote workers, that is, people in full time employment the same as an office worker, just without the office.

To do that we need access to new platforms and resources we previously haven’t had. We need to look more European than local. The jobs you see here aren’t on the highstreet, they have no Irish address, there was no jobs announcement. But yes, they hire here, AND a bunch of them got together to tell you how much they make on one easy to use spreadsheet.

We know that one remote job won’t convince you it’s safe to move out of a city – you need a safety net and a diverse set of career options. To help you see into the world of remote work and the vast array of opportunities there, we’ve just created our first ecosystem map! Got corrections? let us know at [email protected]

Remote Working Ecosystem in Europe

You need new job sites, sign up to a few different ones. 

Sign up to Abodoo. You’re anonymous until you decide to proceed with a match, and if you’re in Ireland, all of these jobs are hiring remotely in Ireland specifically. They minimise the work you need to put in by only starting the process when you and the companies match. The average salary on Abodoo is 45k to 60k. It’s free and it really is your first stop.

Sign up to Remotive

Call and sign up to Employmum.

Hop on over to Honest.Work, which is a new platform founded by Stevie Buckley this year. Here, all roles are shown to you with everything up front, some are remote, some not so, some are in the middle. It’s definitely worth checking in here if you’re looking at going remotely.

Check out Europe Remotely. As they say, a large portion of the remote jobs posted on regular job boards are intended only for US citizens or people living within US time zones. Europe Remotely is manually curated and contains only jobs from companies that are happy to work with developers living in Europe.

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Follow Remote OK on Twitter or sign up here. This site is a spin off of the exceptionally brilliant and popular Nomad List. The downside for the Irish community is that you’ll need to figure out who is hiring here. The upside is that you can see the trends in remote working, and when companies are hiring remotely in Europe, Remote OK will be first up on their list.

Find a place to work with the Tech Ireland list of 196 coworking spaces in Ireland alone. 

Community Chapters

30% of respondents to this survey said lack of community was the biggest challenge to remote working. And those who aren’t working remotely? According to this Remote How Survey   62% of people don’t work remotely because they don’t know where to start. You can get that full e-book here.

We want to help that for our 200k+ current remote workers, those who nomads who will travel through, and those who will convert to remote working.

You can apply to become a ‘Chapter Leader’ of Grow Remote locally. Each chapter has it’s own projects, some organise meetups, others events, and others do promotional activities for their town.

Apply to get started here.  and join our Facebook Group and get more support

Check out the companies who hire

The one thing central to a well functioning community is ‘the grapevine’. What are x like to work for really? Is Y’s business in trouble? Are salaries at z transparent? who is that small but exceptional company that you need in with now? For now, Glassdoor does that, so here are 3 companies hiring in Ireland with brilliant feedback.

Are you hiring remotely in Ireland or want to? Let us know at [email protected]

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