Go Remote Like Filippos Protogeridis

Filippos Protogeridis joins us for Grow Remote‘s first event from the UK. He told us a little more about how he learnt to work remotely. Have a story like this? Let us know to [email protected]

— What advice would you give someone considering to go remote? —
Plan ahead and have a strategy for it, so that you don’t sacrifice either the quality of your work, or your sanity. Work on optimizing time management and personal productivity even before starting to work remotely: It’s essential that you discover a routine that works for you as early on as possible, whether that’s going to an inspiring coworking space, working from a home office or visiting your favorite coffee shop. Figure out a work “ritual” that a) helps you stay productive, b) eliminates distractions, and c) makes you happy on an everyday basis.

— What are the biggest benefits to going remote? —
Flexibility to work the way that’s optimal for you, rather than someone else. Freedom to work from wherever you want, whether that’s home, a coffee shop or an exotic location. And an opportunity to structure your day, and ultimately your life in a way that truly makes you happy, without sacrificing your ambitions.

— What are the greatest challenges to working remotely? —
Loneliness, inefficiency and working more than you should cause of little work/life separation.

Firstly, being responsible for your own time management and efficiency rather than relying to managers and coworkers means you really have to stay focused and avoid distractions. This is an attained skill. It can be hard in the beginning. But once you discover a setup and routine that works for you, it can become second nature.

Secondly, there is loneliness, which can be a tough one. Lack of human interaction and bonding might not affect everyone on the same level, but for a lot of people can be detrimental. That’s why you should always be conscious of your social life, in and out of work settings, and try include social working environments in your routine other than only working completely alone. For entrepreneurs, coworking spaces are often a great solution to this. For remote employees, meeting the team in person frequently and spending time to bond with colleagues is essential.

Lastly, remote working can sometimes cause you to work endless hours. Due to the lack of separation between work and life environments, especially if you work from home, work tends to become a natural, continuous activity 24/7.