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Find a list of our events here.  Some are regularly occuring, like our Virtual Coffee, happening every Tuesday 3pm GMT* and others might be a one off AMA (ask me anything) or presentation. 

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Community Events Spotlight:

Virtual Coffee

Every Tuesday, 3pm GMT

These are the most wonderful and varied conversations.  Come and meet current remote workers, those on the remote work hunt, remote leaders and the community builders sharing the benefits of remote working with their communities.

You can access the link for these calls by joining either our Facebook group or Slack.

grow remote virtual coffee

Working Remotely to Design the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

March 31st, 6-7pm GMT

So much of this past year has been about the very practical & necessary side of remote working lets take a moment to dream a little remotely and design the lives we want.

We are delighted to be joined by the author of The Remote Work Era Rhiannon Payne.

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