How to use Grow Remote to find remote work

As a community manager and cofounder at Grow Remote, Rose Barrett knows what works when it comes to how ro find remote work in the Grow Remote Community. We asked her to give us her best tips, and that she did!

Some advice for those looking for work, it’s unlikely that if you post asking for a job that one will land in your lap. I know in the past that when people saw me putting in effort, asking good in-depth questions, that is when offers of help come. So my very basic advice is show the work you are doing to find a job, share what you’re learning and then ask more specific questions.

You might be doing a lot in the background to find remote work, but if others on here can’t see that, they won’t be as motivated to help you. BUT if you can come and make the work you’re putting in visible, then people will want to help.
Examples of this are people who have done research on a company and their hiring processes and shared it into the group, or someone who’s found a useful tool for other to use and share it with others.

The Grow Remote community is about taking action, we are also based around the idea of “The Meitheal”, which is an Irish term that describes people coming together to help each other. The idea being is that we all bring something, that you don’t only take, that you also give. (Tracy talks about us all bringing a slice to the pizza, and the wonderful pizza keeps growing!)

I give this advice because in getting involved, in giving, you will receive more. That might not initially be obvious (hence my post). Come and help out, offer to volunteer some of your time, come to an event, host an event. Share your learnings, learn to ask better questions. And in asking your questions, deeper and more specific questions, you help others to figure out what they want or need to know.

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Resources to help to find remote work

Wishing everyone all the best in your job hunt, and we have some resources to help including a monthly jobs club, and online mini course on how to find remote work, and a Slack community channel dedicated to the topic.

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