HQ Tralee: The Challenge of Remote Working

The below was sent to us by Ken Tobin from HQ Tralee, a brilliant example of Irish remote working. 

The Challenge of Remote Working is a Personal one, not a Work one… Integrating is the key to any successful move, whether that be the first day in a new job, your kid’s first day in school or finding your way around a new town or city.

With 78% of Irish Businesses now having a Remote Work Policy in place, a generation of people are now looking at the opportunities open to them to relocate and continue teleworking for their Employers. Today, Kerry is quickly becoming a destination of choice for people seeking out a more affordable, high quality location to live in. Sure why wouldn’t it be, an awe inspiring landscape, unrivalled social scene, great people and high-tech infrastructure…yes, we know we’re biased, we get it!

Killarney National Park — Lakes
Changing from working in a company headquarters each day to a more flexible work structure is the easy part. Some pack-in their existing job and take on a Remote Work position, others simply avail of their employers flexible work policy and telework. Then there’s the huge portion who not only try remote working, but also relocate themselves and their families to a new town or city!

For those that move to a new location its that fear of integrating themselves and their their family, that is the most daunting aspect. For many the choice to remote work in a new location is driven by a need to reduce their commute and avoid the congestion of city life. For others the need comes from a desire to improve their economic situation in a more affordable location. Many take into consideration where they would like their kids to be brought up.

For all, there is a personal motive to try and achieve a better work/life balance for them and their families.

After making that decision to relocate, some take the decision to give home-working a go. However, that transition from a busy city office surrounded by peers and a work routine, to the isolation and new structure of homeworking is just too much change. Compounding all the factors of a change in routine, isolation, new location — its no wonder that the idea can be off-putting. Many of our remote workers simply moved from Dublin, and still pop back up once a week (45min flight from Kerry Airport). Others have come home from abroad, where flexible working is a lot more progressive, and maintained their jobs (another reason we open 24/7).

Over the past year in particular, we’ve been working on improving our understanding of this scenario by listening and reacting to the needs of our remote workers. This experience has taught us in the HQ that what we offer is not just high-speed broadband, meeting rooms, nice offices and technology — we offer a chance for people to integrate and be part of a community. Some just need to use the HQ a couple of days a week to break their home office routine and meet with ‘grown-ups’. Others are here every day to have a workday structure in place to replicate what they had before in the city.

We are becoming a blended community here in Kerry, with our mix of home-grown businesses, startups, SME’s and of course Remote Workers. Creating a community where integrating new-comers and having a cuppa is as important as business networking.

And, its that mix of locals, returning locals and new locals that makes our place work.

Now, our community has grown over the past year, and that brings its own challenges of making sure the community know as many of each other as possible. We’re rising to that challenge though, and as more and more remote workers, freelancers and new businesses join our campus in Tralee, we are stepping up. And its not just our regular lunch meetups, events and social gatherings. Its about using our knowledge as locals to open doors and provide every day help for newcomers to our HQ.

Some would say we are offering a concierge service, we just know that the social element of what we do is just as important as everything else, helping people not only integrate into HQTralee, but into Kerry as a whole.

If you know someone who’s considering remote working, then consider Kerry, and drop us an email if you need some local advice on making the move work for you and your family: info@hqtralee.com

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