Remote Jobs Ireland – Shopify

Shopify is one of Ireland’s largest remote employers. They have recently moved to a ‘remote first’ culture and so they have open remote jobs at all levels in every part of the business.

Remote Jobs Ireland Shpoify Infographic

Shopify is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company who help over 1,700,000 businesses to sell online. Shopify were initially brought into Ireland by IDA, and here, their Director of Support (as well as our own volunteer Chairman) John Riordan, explains a little more about what they do:

Shopify are an excellent company if you’re looking to make a transition from one sector like hospitality or retail, to remote work. This is because the knowledge gained in any role will be a huge benefit in helping the business owners they work with. They speak regularly about hiring for attitude over resume.

Shopify have a hybrid model which can sometimes come with some pitfalls such as people in the office having a higher likelihood of promotions. With hybrid companies, we always look for remote-first cultures, and wouldn’t recommend working for remote friendly organisations. Luckily, Shopify are a leader in building a ‘remote first’ or ‘digital first’ culture and their CEO Tobi explains that best:

With 500+ employees working for Shopify in Ireland, we’re very lucky to have lots of their teams active in local communities accross Ireland. A while ago, Enda Regan spoke to job seekers about how he landed his role at Shopify, and how much he loves working from his home town in Roscommon:

Enda Regan on working remotely at Shopify

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