Irish companies hiring remotely

With remote work, geography is history. However we do know that sometimes Irish companies can seem more familiar so we have crowdsourced a list of companies that were founded in Ireland and employ remotely. These Irish companies hiring remotely mostly hire all over Europe. 

The list of companies who hire remotely here is a lot bigger. This list is specifically the ones that were created in Ireland, and we can also see the new entrants to the remote world due to Covid.

There are more companies who are using remote as a contingency, but the companies listed have started to advertise remotely and are proactively embracing it. The list does not include open to remote companies, and definitions of the types of remote companies can be seen here.

Irish companies hiring remotely

Links Irish companies hiring remotely listed above

  • Boundless – they help people comply with local employment laws when hiring remotely. You can hear from their founder Dee Coakley here.
  • NewsWhip – NewsWhip tracks how billions of people engage with stories across all social networks. Our products give the most complete and unique insight into the different stories audiences care about today and are likely to engage with.
  • ThinScale – the leading software for secure work at home using personal devices. 
  • AnnerTech – an open source digital agency. 
  • – VR technology for meetings.
  • – a skills mapping tool for governments. 
  • InkVine – InkVine is a specialist agency that provided marketing strategy for business growth. We work with technology firms and specialise in solving problems.
  • NearForm – Our expert developers use agile co-creation methodologies & open modern technology stacks to deliver continuous integration for enterprise innovation.
  • Glofox – Boutique Fitness Management Software
  • Scrapinghub – Turn websites into data with the world’s leading web scraping services & tools from the creators of Scrapy. Superior data you can rely on from Scrapinghub. You can hear from their CEO Shane Evans on culture in remote teams here
  •  – creates tools which when used together make teams efficient, organized and happy.
  • Webdoctor – Ireland’s leading online medical service. 
  • Centus – Centus is an advertising agency specializing in performance-based influencer-marketing. We exclusively work with direct-to-consumer brands 
  • Swift Comply – SwiftComply provides water utilities and facility managers with the tools to prevent fat, oil, and grease from entering sewer and drainage systems. 
  • City Swift – CitySwift uses big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase network performance, service reliability and passenger satisfaction.
  • Web Summit – Organisers of the world’s largest tech events
  • Fexco– Fexco is a world leader in innovative FinTech, Payments & Business Solutions, with operations across 29 countries worldwide.

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