Some tips for getting the most from the remote jobs board

  • Note – All of these jobs are curated to be suitable for candidates based in Ireland
  • Do your research on the companies you are applying to, they love to see specific knowledge of what they do in applications
  • Re: above, follow them on social media – Twitter is particularly good for connecting with many remote employers
  • Look them up on Glassdoor and LinkedIn
  • Look up other job descriptions for the roles you are applying for, look for similarities or differences, this can help you to figure out the focus in that particular company
  • Apply for the job even if you don’t tick all the boxes! Too many companies tell us that candidates are self-filtering because they don’t tick all the boxes, go for the role, see what happens!
  • Ask the Grow Remote community for advice, hop into the Slack workspace and post your query –

A Request!

Grow Remote is a volunteer-driven community, if you are successful in securing a job that has somehow been helped by the community, or resources such as this, please let us know!

Shout us out on social media, or email us at: [email protected] – the information can be anonymous, this is to help us track impact. When we know what we’re doing is helping, that helps us to do more of it.


And a huge thank you to everyone that helps Grow Remote to impact lives and help to make remote work local. A particular thanks to John Brett for building the remote jobs board and letting us make such great use of it! Thank you also to everyone that takes time to post suitable jobs to it, like our intern, Carl, who takes time out of his day to help us share these great roles.