Leading Remote Teams 

Over 8 weeks, Grow Remote will partner with you through a blended learning environment, to bring some of the experiences, best practices, lessons learned, guidance, and advice around considerations for managing teams remotely. Learning from peers, gaining insights from experienced remote leaders, operations and supporting specialists, this course blends the best of ‘self-paced’ online learning with live facilitated sessions and guest speakers.

leading remote teams

Each week, the learner will have three tasks:

1. Complete the online self-paced learning module

2. Contribute to the topic forums in the learning hub

3. Participate in the follow up facilitator live learner session

In addition to individual learning, there is also group work

during the course.

The time commitment per week is 4 hours.

Stephen Bueck, PayPal

Leading Remote Teams course gives essential and very useful insight into remote leadership and project management skills and broadens the understanding of the subject. It provides opportunities to connect to other people outside your own organisation and learn from their experience. The tutors and speakers are very engaged and I can only highly recommend participation!”


Week 0 - Introduction to Remote Work

Understanding the remote working landscape; explaining the goals of Grow Remote; introduction to the team to the course goals, objectives, and expectations.

90-minute live session with self-paced learning 

Week 1 : Building Effective Teams

New or existing teams: how do you enhance effectiveness in the move to remote world? We look at managing time, individual awareness, and stressors, and pivoting direction with change.

60 minute live session with self-paced learning

Week 2 : Communication and Connection

How do you start? What do you stop? What do you continue? Which channels suit various types of communication, critical conversations, and managing conflict, collaboration, and decision making?

60 minute live session with self-paced learning

Week 3 : Employee Well-Being

As a manager, how do you know when extra support is needed? How can challenges be supported and overcome? Focus on the basics of the work environment, listening as a key skill, promoting healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.

60 minute live session with self-paced learning

Week 4 : Remote Team Culture

What does that look like for your organization and how can you build it? Look at the values and emotional commitment. As a manager how do you play your part: where does it start and end? We examine building trust as a cornerstone to engaging employees.

60 minute live session with self-paced learning

Week 5 : Managing Performance

Learn about approaches that work in the remote culture: how it is a continuous, two-way process that has the opportunity to add real value or take it away, depending upon how it is designed. We also delve into coaching skills.

60 minute live session with self-paced learning

Week 6 : Learning and Development

What type of skills do managers and team members need? Not only in terms of onboarding but learning, unlearning, upskilling, and approaches to career development?

60 minute live session with self-paced learning

Week 7 : Change Management

How do we lead in a crisis and managing through change? Whether transitioning from a bricks and mortar office to remote or hybrid, this module will take you through the process.

90 minute live session with self-paced learning

A Playbook

A playbook is one of the outputs of Leading Remote Teams course. The goal is to have some takeaways of practical steps you can take within your team or organization at the end of the course, to enhance ways of working when remote is part of or full method of working.

• The challenge areas are decided by the group and will be completed by the end of the course.
• The output can be a word document, PowerPoint or any other format you are comfortable with.
• Feedback from the wider group for each of the topics ensures everyone has a voice.

Pat Phelan, Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment

“Leading Remote Teams programme was excellent with insightful and engaging speakers. The module on Project Management has provided practical and useful guidance that I have already implemented into my working day.”

Flavio Ferrara, Citrix

“It was really a good and wonderful experience. Special thanks to Renate Kohlmann for her insightful feedback and ideas. The Project Management classes were very helpful, Anthony Byrne has been very supportive during the entire course.”

Brid Keogh, Deutsche Bank

“This programme helped me to figure out how to deal with the current issue of leading remote teams, this is something that was completely new to me and it gave me the confidence that I needed to lead my team efficiently and effectively within the “new normal” remote working environment.’

Noreen O’Sullivan, Analog Devices

“Excellent Course, Really good mix of Project Management skills and Management Skills. Guest Speakers were really good and the length of the course and assignments were perfect and ensured I made the most of the information I received during the course. Would highly recommend”

leading remote teams

Optional Peer Sessions

These sessions take place twice per week on
Wednesdays (7pm to 8pm) & Fridays (12pm to 1pm)

A facilitator will be there to support your learning and is available to help you to put concepts into action