Local Leader Training

Are you interested in using remote employment as a way to help your local community tap into social, economic and environmental benefits?

 Join our fully-funded Local Leader Training. The course includes 6 self-paced modules and 3 weekly live sessions over a month. Full details below.

 Whether you’re  a remote employee or you’re a committed leader in your community, the Local Leader Training will give you creative ideas, tangible resources and individual support to create the impact you want to see.

 Let’s transform your local community!


As my local Grow Remote chapter grew, the number of people I could connect with in my community increased. Being able to chat with people in a similar situation was invaluable as I was getting to grips with everything!

Rebecca Williams

Talent Operations, Automattic


Grow Remote has been instrumental in helping us to rejuvenate Arranmore Island. We’d recommend everyone to get involved!

Seamus Bonner

Chapter Lead, Arranmore Island Community Council


We’ll welcome you,  answer any questions, and make sure you feel supported before getting started. 

Any time before 15 March 2023

Module 1 : Grow Remote & the Community

This module will give you an insight into “Who” Grow Remote is and “Why” do we do what we do.

It will also give you an introduction to the Community and why we like to call it the “Meitheal”.

You will also get access to the self-paced course during the live session!

Wednesday 15 March, 7pm-8pm (UTC/Irish time)

Module 2 : The current state of Remote

This module will help you understand what does the global remote work ecosystem looks like & also zoom into the current state of remote in Ireland.

We will also have a look at what are the benefits & challenges of working remotely are and what this means for our Community members.

Wednesday 15 March, 7pm-8pm (UTC/Irish time)

Module 3 : Chapter Goals

Here we will provide an overview of the typical goals that a local chapter gets involved with & how to establish your own chapter goals.

We will also have a look at why it is important to set goals and what we can do to help you achieve them.

Wednesday 22 March, 7pm-8pm (UTC/Irish time)

Module 4 : Building Community

One thing all Grow Remote local communities do well is bring people with them on the journey.

In this module, we’ll explore how we engage multiple groups and people in the local community to collaborate with others & drive positive change.

Wednesday 22 March, 7pm-8pm (UTC/Irish time)

Module 5 : Local Activity

Generally, local leaders will have one of three goals: get the locals employed remotely, use remote work to repopulate their area, or support the social needs of remote workers locally.

In this module, we’ll help you understand what you’d like to get out of this work & take a look at what local activities can support your chapter goals.

We will draw on the +200 events that have taken place in 2022 to leave you with the motivation & inspiration to take your first steps towards achieving local goals and driving change.

Wednesday 28 March, 7pm-8pm (UTC/Irish time)

Week 6 : Resources & Support

In this module you will get an overview of all resources we have to help you get your chapter up & running, connect & engage with the local community & take action.

We are community led in our activities & the resources that we create so we will also listen to your needs & support you every step of the way.

Wednesday 28 March, 7pm-8pm (UTC/Irish time)

1-1 Sessions

In the weeks following the programme, you’ll have 1-1 sessions available with our community team facilitators, Graham and Dónal, to help you as you establish your local chapter.

Ongoing Support

Through the training programme, you’ll gain access to a community of local chapter lead teams, central resources, and knowledge-sharing events like our monthly town halls. 

Ready to get started?

Let’s transform your local community.