Looking to make the move to a new community? Let us be your guide to everything you need from schools to kayaking clubs, we cover all the human stuff. 

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Get Involved

Find Work

Whether you’re bringing your own career, starting up, or need help finding remote work, we’re here to help. 

Set Up

Our local community leaders have supported many people in finding places to buy and rent, and helping people get intridcued to the community befire they move. 

Living Local

From local babysitters to the choir or kayaking club, we’ll help you get to know what it’s like to get under the hood of our local community.

All Island

We’re accross the country. Wherever you want to move to, we’ll have some one to help you out. 

Who We Are

Town Tasters is a concept developed by Dingle Hub, Co Kerry and taken all over Europe. Most recently it has seen great success in Portugal. 

Town Tasters are generally run by local chapter leaders who donate their time to Grow Remote locally. You can find a list of where these locations are, (and the local leaders) here. 

What to expect

1  Register your interest here

2  Join us online or in person

3  Join the Slack community here, or Facebook group here.

4 Make the move!

How We Help

Town Tasters act as a concierge service for a local community. They’re free to take part in and each town taster will have 4 local communties present.  

A Community of Movers

Things are easier together. With online events, offline meetups, and a dedicated channel in Slack, you can get to know other movers who are at your stage of the journey with the same hopes and worries. 

Online Sessions

Like window shopping for a new place to live, but from your home! Through online sessions you can get to know what it’s like to live in communities all across Ireland.  

Customised Itineraries

We’ll host you in our local communties helping you to get to know more about whatever it is that’s important to you in making the move. 

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