National Event #3

Ready to get stuck in for our 3rd national event?

Have we ever told you the story of Grow Remote? John made the remote jobs board, Patrick built the get started guide, Rose made the Facebook group , Tracy mapped the Irish founded remote companies, Rebecca built the case studies, Ronan looked after site edits, Conn on hosting, Sean suggested the ChangeX platform amongst the host of others.

All of those individual efforts culminated in us growing into 5 countries and 90+ local communities, running 60+ events, building a free to use jobs board, educating over 1million online around the opportunities of remote work, training up 110 people in the skill of remote work, running multiple free office hours sessions for companies on the transition to remote, inputting to govt. strategy and much more. That’s on 0 budget and a fully volunteer effort….oh what a ‘can do’ attitude can do! 

Some years ago, this approach would have been known as ‘The Meitheal’. The word Meitheal describes the old Irish tradition where people in rural communities gathered together on a neighbour’s farm to help save the hay or some other crop. Each person would help their neighbour who would in turn reciprocate. 

To pro-actively keep the culture that started and sustains us, this year we’re celebrating our one year anniversary with a Meitheal this November 1st in Kinvara, Co Galway. So this time, the price of your ticket includes the skill you’ll bring.

If you feel there’s something missing in the world of remote work or locally in your community, now if your chance to get stuck in!