Participate in Ireland’s first conference on remote work and social impact

Remote work and social impact. 

Our third national conference seeks to understand us how the world around us will change as employment becomes removed from location. We go under the surface on the potential challenges, risks and transformational benefits. 

Host a one day conference

Apply to host our third national event and the first international event focused on remote work and social change. 

Apply to speak

Have an interesting perspective on remote work and social change? From urban development to climate change, we’d love to hear your ideas for talks. 


Learn about how remote work can help you achieve your Sustainable Development Goals.


Learn about making the potential of remote work a reality in your community.


From urban design to climate change, learn about the shifts that will happen as employment seperates from location.


Just curious about remote work? And how it can drive signigficant change in society? Come along !