Old Schoolmates and Apple Trees

“I met people from school that I hadn’t seen for years!”

Kayaking, brunch, after work socials and coffee meet ups – it was all happening in the Grow Remote Community in September!  

The Grow Remote Limerick Chapter hosted a brilliant After Work Social at The Secret Garden on the First Friday of September. There were a lot of laughs shared and connections made.

Local Leader Amanda brought everyone together and made sure it was a fun and inclusive environment, but she also felt the benefit of community herself:

“At the Grow Remote event, I met people from school that I hadn’t seen for years!”

Amanda, Local Leader in Limerick

“Locals really look forward to Grow Remote’s events!”

When Aisling and other community members discovered that remote workers in Dingle were in need of more social connection, they decided set up a local Grow Remote chapter.

Since then the local chapter has been running regular social events. Local Leader Aisling says that community members have expressed “how much they value, appreciate and look forward to the Grow Remote events we host every month”.

“We discovered that the remote working community on the Dingle peninsula had experienced an unexpected loss in their social connections due to their new lifestyle”

Aisling, Local Leader in Dingle

“We now have 14 apple trees in our Remote Orchard!”

Earlier this year, the Grow Remote Kilkenny Chapter led by Local Leader Maria Dollard came up with an innovative community project. They provided free apple trees to remote workers to create a ‘Remote Orchard’.

Since the project started, 14 apple trees have been planted by the remote working community in Kilkenny!

Some facts and figures from the Grow Remote community in September 2023:

  • 21 events run locally in September
  • 15 different chapters running local events in 11 counties
  • 220+ attendees at local events in September
  • 7 new local leaders welcomed in September
  • 20 events planned for October