Online communities for remote workers

Communities for remote workers can be a powerful way to find work and stay connected afterwards. At Grow Remote we’re all about offline (until Covid hit and we moved a little online) and intend to continue our focus in being hyper local. 

There are a lot of online communities that are there to support you. Because of that below we have signposted your way to each:

communities for remote workers
Online communities for remote workers

Links to the each of communities for remote workers are here:

  • Remotive on Slack is a paid community, and they have lots of complimentary resources. The founder of Remotive is Rodolphe Dutel who has been building online communities of remote workers for years.
  • We Work Remotely on Slack is the place to be if you’re looking for work. The team there regularly post really brilliant insights into the companies hiring remotely.
  • Remote First on Slack is led by the Twitter influencer and brilliant remote work advocate Chris Herd.
  • Remote Europe on Facebook is led by a really friendly team and they have a unique focus on nomads. Gonçalo Hall is one of the founders there and he’s always on some very interesting projects.

We haven’t included ourselves in this list as we’re all about offline. We are on Facebook and Slack, but they’re more like gateways to your local community. We’re led by brilliant community leaders in over 130+ local communities.

In any community, it’s important to go to one that’s built to solve for your needs. For instance at Grow Remote, we’re not set up to support freelancers, self employed, or gig workers. This is because our focus is on those who are employed remotely, looking for employment remotely, or a local community group looking to leverage remote work.

It’s really important too, to give first. For instance if you’re looking for work post about what you have already done or what you have found useful. Tamilore is a great example of that, she came online communties and instantly starting helping others, including this post when she did find work.

If you’re not looking for work, you can offer a skill or to host an event or speak at one. Community is the sum of many parts so all offers will be welcome.

If you need any help, we run an online coffee every Tuesday at 3pm Irish time – a left over from Covid, it’s one way to engage online to avail of sign posting or to learn all about offline. Details of this event are posted to the Watercooler channel in our Slack weekly.