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Remote work can transform our communities, and we’re here to ensure it does. We help companies hire without location, and help people get access to decent employment where location isn’t a barrier to a brilliant career. 

Remote Employers

Looking for a remote role?

There are 150,000 remote jobs open on the market across all of Ireland today. As the only non-profit in this space, we partner with the world’s largest remote employers to give you access to remote jobs.

 Like ‘regular’ companies, there is a huge variation in the remote roles open on the market. Some are from superb remote-first companies, some are gig work, some are plain scams, and some are remote for marketing purposes only.

We curate the roles so you only find the good ones – and there’s a community of people to help you on the job search too!  

Looking to hire remote talent? 

“Ireland is a great place to work remotely,  but a tough place to hire remotely” – this feedback from remote employers set the course of our recruitment supports. 

When you’re advertising a role everywhere, it’s hard to have a presence anywhere. And when you do, you need talent that understands what it’s like to work remotely. 

At Grow Remote, we help you hire remotely as that is what will transform our local communities, while solving a business need for you. 

Hire with social impact.  


I just wanted to thank Grow Remote for indirectly helping me to find a role with Shopify. I wasn’t actually really looking for a move but I attended a networking event in Skibbereen hosted by Grow Remote at the Ludgate hub in Skibbereen and got chatting to a Shopify Recruitment Manager who was also attending the event. Only for Grow Remote hosting this event I wouldn’t have met Triona at Shopify and been in such a fantastic company.

Claire McGonigle

Senior Technical Recruiter, Shopify

Remote working (and COVID 19) also brought about professional opportunities for me. My background is in rural and community development. Through the Grow Remote jobs board, I saw a position advertised with The Wheel which I was lucky enough to secure. So I now find myself working in a very rewarding job, with a fantastic organisation and living in an area I love, Valentia Island.

Maria O'Connell

Grant Development Officer, The Wheel

Meet our Recruiter, Aisling

  • As a recruitment professional, she has engaged with thousands of candidates and clients in her career.
  • Having worked remotely (on and off!) since 2009, she’s passionate about the benefits of remote work – from no longer having to commute to work every day, to having more time to spend with her family and in her community. 
  • She’s a highly experienced recruiter and HR professional – building her own recruitment business in London, as a manager for a recruitment company in Cork, and as resourcing and HR manager for a floating offshore wind developer.

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