Remote employment support programme for Ukrainian refugees

09 March 2022

Grow Remote is helping to launch an employment support programme for Ukrainian refugees.

One practical way Irish businesses can help right now is by hiring displaced Ukrainians remotely. Remote work is specifically needed here due the nature of the individual situations, and the fact that the displaced people will hopefully be moving home, in time. 

Visit to post a job ad and to see candidate profiles.

Alongside companies such as Happy Monday, Boundless, Mastercard, Tata and others we at Grow Remote are supporting a group of Ukrainian HR professionals who are doing everything they can to help refugees fleeing this horrible conflict to find employment.  

This group has built a database which currently has more than 200 CVs of talented Ukrainian refugees – but which is growing quickly as people find their way to safety. 

Grow Remote is helping to get the word out through our network of remote employers, as remote employment is a good option for the individuals, given the uncertainty they are facing in terms of where they will be living over the coming weeks and months.