Remote Jobs Ireland – NearForm

NearForm are one of Ireland’s largest home grown remote companies. Founded by Cian Ó Maidín the company now employs over 174 people.

Remote Jobs Ireland – NearForm

A common misconception about remote work is that you don’t meet your colleagues. When NearForm meet at their annual retreats, they go all in:

Team retreats at NearForm

We’ve been operating as a remote-first company for a decade, so we know how to make the process work for our teams and our customers. We get right to the heart of the problem clients are trying to solve and deliver swiftly on defined objectives.

NearForm has refined the process of collaborating remotely over a decade of designing and building digital products for enterprise and public sector clients. We run discovery and architecture review engagements fully online, distilling the process to make it as efficient as possible to optimise the use of your time.

You can learn more about their approach to remote here.

If you’d like to learn more about remote work and meet other remote workers across Ireland, you can join our communities online on Slack hereFacebook here, and offline here.