Remote workers have a significantly better employee experience than on-site workers

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Remote working expert group Grow Remote has welcomed the launch of new draft legislation on the right to request remote work – but is calling on the Government to ensure businesses are properly supported in making the post-pandemic transition to a sustainable remote working model. 

“We really welcome the commitment to a proper legal framework around the right to request remote working,” says Grow Remote Chairman John Riordan. “However, it cannot by itself drive the systemic change needed to build a world-class remote working ecosystem in Ireland. Real action and investment is needed to support businesses and drive major culture change in the Irish workplace.” 

“Outside of Ireland a strong trend towards remote and flexible working had been evident long before the pandemic. Even though Ireland was behind the curve in moving with the trend, Covid simply accelerated the inevitable. Working in Ireland will never be the same.”

Here’s what we know about the momentum behind remote working in Ireland: 

“What’s needed now, alongside this new legislation, is a proactive approach, driven by a real desire to make Ireland a world leader in remote working practices – not just as a response to Covid and its aftermath,” he explains. 

“Transitioning to a remote-first or hybrid working model can be challenging for businesses. Government cannot miss the opportunity to support employers nationwide: real action and investment must be made to address training and upskilling needs, internet infrastructure, housing, childcare and more.” 

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