Remote Working in Ireland

30% of respondents to this survey said lack of community was the biggest challenge to remote working.

Grow Remote is built by a team of volunteers who hand a hunch that Ireland could benefit from a tighter community and ecosystem around smart working, we are specifically are interested in how this benefits the regions of Ireland. Over the past few years locations that traditionally may have had a lack of resources needed to work have opened up. They now house some 200k+ remote workers in Ireland.

This September, a conference is kickstarting it all with three streams hearing from and connecting with companies, local communities, and remote workers.  Real life meetups will be a continuing theme of Grow Remote and wherever you travel, there will be some meetup to get to know other remote workers and nomads.

Get to know about Remote Working in Ireland more at Grow Remote.

Here’s your starters guide to remote working Ireland

Lahinch, Co Clare.

Lahinch is in Co Clare, accessible by bus from Shannon or Dublin airport. Perfect for water sports and surfing in particular. You can work remotely at Ocean Office Share for 20/day.

Galway City, Ireland

Galway 2 and a half hours by bus directly from Dublin airport. It’s is a great destination if you want some nights out and a perfect base to access more rural parts of the west of Ireland. While you’re there, work from The Portershed @ 7/day

Tralee, Co Kerry

Kerry can be a perfect base to get to the south west of Ireland and has a balance of nature treks and nightlife spots. You can work from HQ Tralee while you’re there.

Cork City

Cork is a perfect place to immerse your self in the Irish tech community. That’s best accessed through Republic of Work @ 35/day.

Tubbercurry, Sligo

Out from the cities and well known Irish destinations you can experience traditional Irish Towns. They have workspaces like An Chroi for 50/week and a vibrant local community to help you get to know hidden Ireland.