Remote Working in Tralee. Something Better

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This is a post we’ve been promising ourselves we’d write for quite a while now, but we’ve been so busy observing the evolution of something unique here in Tralee, that the thought of trying to sum it up in words has been a bit of a struggle….and even now having read this over and over, we’re still not certain its summed it up completely.

Sometime ago we wrote about a Regional Revival that was happening in places like Tralee, where the pieces of a jigsaw were starting to come together. Despite what may be assumed, this article is nothing to do with the succession of bad decisions, policy and a lack of foresight that has lead Dublin down a path to where it’s now bursting at the seams. Telling you that Dublin’s crisis is an opportunity for places like Tralee is just too obvious. Of course, the undersupply of office accommodation and lack of affordable residential property in Dublin is an opportunity to be capitalised on, but any location can benefit from it, not just Tralee.

Tralee’s positioning is not about a property crisis in Dublin, Tralee’s is about a unique set of credentials, that only here can offer! Tralee should not be looked upon as a substitute to locating in Dublin, or anywhere else for that matter. While a property squeeze currently exists in Dublin, it would be reckless and short-sighted of us to assume that capitalising on it would be a viable policy to follow.

More property can always be built, Dublin can always catch up with the demand, Dublin can solve its own problems, and if they do…what then for those that seek to profit from their crisis!

Tralee certainly isn’t the first, and won’t be the last location to offer 1Gb Broadband, turnkey business landing pads, a friendly and skilled workforce, a willingness to integrate and a desire to attract new business. Yes, Tralee has that tourism mecca of the Kingdom of Kerry to offer, with its abundance of outdoor activity and splendid scenery. Of course covenant is not an issue, Tralee has nurtured a multitude of International Businesses over the years. Not only that, but Tralee embraces Entrepreneurs and pulls together to provide the tools and resources business owners need to grow. All of these assets certainly add to the mix that makes Tralee an excellent location to house your business and its Employees. Many other locations offer their own version of these too, and it took us quite a while to realise what it actually was that made Tralee so unique.

Tralee as a business location, gives not just what an Employer wants….it gives them something better.

This realisation has only come about through our interaction daily with people who have made the decision to have a business based in Tralee. These great people have shown us that the decision to locate here is based on a genuine desire to achieve a better quality of life for them, their workforce and their families. Facilitating their relocation over the past while to Tralee has shown us that their needs are far different to what we could have imagined originally.

Providing top class business services is a given, this is something we just have to provide, it’s the little things that are making the real difference. That local knowledge, the regular interaction, facilitating their integration into the business community, empathy as parents and business owners…that’s what sets what we do here apart.

As a business owner, to locate in Tralee is about making a statement, that you as an Employer genuinely…and I mean GENUINELY, value your Employees. Of course, locating in Tralee has more than considerable cost benefits to an organisation, but it’s about the added value you are offering your Employees that makes your organisation so much more valuable to work for. When it comes down to recruiting the best talent, no Employer wants to enter into a bidding war, transient Employees can always be swayed by a bigger wage packet.

Offering your Employees an opportunity to create a home for life, to raise a family, to enjoy not only what they do, but where they do it…that’s what makes locating in Tralee unique….it’s about being somewhere you want to be, not somewhere you have to be!

If as an Employer you are genuinely interested in a world-class infrastructure and a chance to build a future for you, your employees and their families, then get in touch with us