Remote Working Towns: Kinvara

Tell us a little about your community

We’re a small village on the border to the Burren with about 2k people. We have about 10 bars, some pretty great new coffee shops, wine bars, Italians, one hotel and a couple of B&Bs. Our high street is alive, that’s probably one of the reasons why we’re now on the more expensive side in terms of property in Connaught/Uslter. We’re a vibrant place. We run two festivals a year and the town just fills with music and people. We’re an eclectic bunch. Our locals, probably like most, would have all sorts of everyone, all who gel very well together.

What’s the best part of the lifestyle there?
Others may say the social life but for me its outdoors! I’m 5 minutes away from the Burren mountains, 10 minutes from the Flaggy shore and 55 minutes from Lahinch. I can cycle right out my door for as long as I like along the quiet Burren roads. Our beaches aren’t over packed, and we have groups that swim and hike and cycle. You can go alone or together.
It’s also 2h and 20 minutes to Dublin in the car and that helps enormously when work takes you places, and having easy access to and from the town also impacts on a great lifestyle.
What kind of supports for you have for remote workers (offices, events etc)?
We have an office space in the Burren Enterprise Centre with WiFi, conference facilities etc. They run meetups when they can on a range of topics, but I don’t think there’s anything for remote workers specifically.
How many remote workers do you have there currently?
No idea! We estimated about 20, but it’s hard to tell as a lot work from home.
Could you describe ‘a (week or weekend) day in the life of’ someone in your community? 
I’ll give you last Saturday for me. I get my meals delivered to Kinvara with Clean Cut during the week so Saturday is the first day I needed to cook. I can get everything in Londis Plus in town, although lidl and Aldi are 10 minutes away. I did a little work while I was waiting for the lads to pick me up (on this, my home internet speed is 52.7 mbps download, 8.02 mbps upload). The lads collected me, we drove 55 minutes to Lahinch and had the most exhilarating 2 and a half hours surfing. Finished it off with a meal and a pint of beer brewed in Conemarra, and obviously, a 99 with colourful sprinkles just before we left. We were back at around 5 after a brilliant day so decided to go out, for me that was a 30 minute spin into town (about €30 in a taxi).
If you could sum your community up in one line, what would it be?
‘No one has a pint alone in Greens’
If someone was interested in working remotely from here, who should they contact ?
Me! Or the Burren Enterprise Centre