Setting up a new Chapter – Waterford

In Waterford city, remote work advocate Eimear O’Donoghue is leading the process to set up a new Chapter.
Eimear O'Donogue

With a background in HR leadership building and scaling a remote-first organisation, I have seen the huge benefits it offers in particular around flexibility, work/life balance and access to talent.

However, there is no perfect workplace and remote working is not without its challenges.  It has been particularly difficult in these trying times, and is not remote work as we know it.


When I found out about the Grow Remote Chapters I was immediately interested to create more awareness about remote working, address the challenges and support my local community in Waterford.

I think so many people have been forced into remote working and it works well for some and not so much for others, in particular if the employer is not doing it right!!

People need support and the Chapter is a place where they can meet other remote workers (online and/or in person) who may face similar challenges e.g. isolation.

The Chapter is also a place for those not familiar with remote working and want to learn more – Grow Remote offer free courses on this.  

Eimear Quote

To find our more about the Grow Remote Waterford Chapter, you can reach Eimear on the ChangeX platform.