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The Kennedy Bursary

Grow Remote has always been about local communities. When Caroline in Offaly or Brian in Roscommon let us know remote working was a challenge we worked with them, when Cian in Sligo suggested a conference we got it up and running, when John in Gorey suggested local meetups so we created GR meetups. So when Eoin in Mayo suggested a bursary we did that too.

Thanks to the sponsorship we have received from Bank of Ireland, we are launching the Kennedy Bursary, available to community groups to foster remote work opportunities across Ireland.

The bursary is named after Eoin Kennedy, a key member of the Grow Remote team who founded Congregation. Congregation is a free event that brings a conference of 100 people to a small rural town that doesn’t have an event space. Instead of using a traditional event venue, Congregation splits the conference into huddles of people that work in businesses across town. Groups meet and work in shops, cafes, and any other participating businesses within the town, turning the main street into one huge, eclectic conference centre. Eoin’s imaginative approach to blending work with rural life is exactly what we want to emulate with Grow Remote, and what we want to inspire in groups across Ireland.

The Kennedy Bursary is our way of showing the Grow Remote isn’t the end result of a drive for remote working, it’s simply the catalyst. Let the people and events of Grow Remote inspire you, then use the Kennedy Bursary to create remote working opportunities in your community. This can mean forging relationships with remote companies, fostering local interest in remote working, or even creating events of your own.

At Grow Remote today, we’ve left cards on everybody’s seat asking 3 questions

  1. What did you learn?
  2. What do you need?
  3. What action are you going to take?

What you learn will depend on your Grow Remote experience- the combination of speakers, events, and network-building opportunities give everyone a unique educational experience. Hopefully this learning experience will give you a greater insight into your working needs- at the very least, you can take the next step to discovering them. What action you’re going to take depends entirely on you. If Grow Remote inspires you, don’t let a lack of resources stop you. Grow Remote was started with nothing but a small team of hardworking volunteers- we’re offering the Kennedy Bursary to give you even more opportunities as you start the next stage of Ireland’s remote work journey. Help us all to grow Ireland’s remote working opportunities and create a brighter future in every corner of the country.

Keep an eye on which projects got selected, we’ll know by the close of business today!