Types of remote companies

Less than a week after launching 226 people have taken the free mini-course on finding remote work. One thing that was new to some was the types of remote companies, which is really important when it comes to your experience when you do get the job. 

Definitions and terms change quickly but the following will act as a good guide:

Remote First – these companies probably have some offices but their culture and processes are designed for remote workers. It’s more inclusive of everybody.

All Remote – with no offices (like Shopify in Ireland) everyone is remote. A common misconception is that this means you will never meet your colleagues, you will. In companies like Shopify, they have regular local meetups and all company retreats a couple of times per year.

Remote Friendly – You may be let work remotely, but as explained by Doist, you may not have the best experience simply because the environment isn’t designed for it. You may see these in the job market as ‘remote for the right person’.

As with many things, Doist explain the between different types of remote companies:

Types of remote companies

Helpful Resources to learn about different types of remote companies

There are a few resources that you could find useful, the first is the story of the Glofox approach to Remote First, as told by their co-founder Finn Hegarty:

If you’re looking for work, Rauno and the team at Remote Hunt have you covered, with a way to search companies and jobs by the type of culture.

If you’re on the job hunt, best of luck! Join our Jobs Club if you need some support.

Finally. Toggl have taken a really deep dive into this topic and it’s well worth a read.