We need your help! Drop a pin, map yourself, help drive real change

We are building the only live census of remote employment in the world – and we need your help to bring it to life.

At Grow Remote, we are on a mission to make remote employment more visible and accessible, enabling people to live, work and participate locally.

We launched our Mapping Remote living census project in March 2022, asking remote employees to tell us where you are and who you work for. This project was made possible by our friends at Esri Ireland who very kindly donated their time and expertise to build the map.

The data we’re gathering through Mapping Remote is vital if we are going to build a high-quality picture of remote working in Ireland. This picture will help people see, understand and access remote jobs, and we will use it drive real change at a systemic and strategic level.

With huge thanks to the more than 600 of you who have already mapped yourselves, we are beginning to see some results. This is a snapshot of what it looks like so far:

  • Cork, Galway & Dublin are currently the top 3 counties remote workers base themselves in;
  • So far, Shopify, eBay, Teamwork, Otonomee & NearForm are the top 5 remote employers;
  • 80% of respondents work from home exclusively, 10% work from a combination of home and a digital hub, and 10% work from a combination of home and office;
  • Information Technology is the leading industry for remote employees with more than 40% of respondents mapped in that sector;

We now need to take this census to the next level. In order to drive systemic change, we need a critical mass of remote workers to map themselves so that we can get a clear picture of the remote working landscape in Ireland, build out our bank of resources for employees and businesses and build a case for supporting businesses to transition to remote working models that no one can ignore. 

With the data from the census, we can create real impact at an individual, local and national level. This data will enable us to empower local communities to set up local communities to support remote workers already in the community. It will build a bridge to the open source knowledge, tools and resources that we have created to address specific challenges, such as the need to create jobs or bring people back to local communities.

How can you help? 

Remote workers: please complete our short Mapping Remote survey (HERE) and help us get others involved. 

It is quick and easy to complete, with just a few basic questions, including where you usually work remotely from (we just need to know your nearest city / town / village) and who your remote-friendly employer is.

You can also let us know what community resources you might be interested in. We have something for everyone, regardless of where you are on your remote journey. Check out our latest monthly Community resources newsletter HERE.

Remote employers: Want to be at the top of the remote pile? We have a challenge for you: share the survey with your team and secure your place in the remote employer leaderboard!

A note about your data

Our purpose with this project is to help make remote more visible, only the location and name of your employer that you share with us will be made public. We’ll make all aggregated data totally public to everybody equally. Non-aggregated data from any other sections of the survey will be shared publicly or with third parties – ever!

If you’d like to see the data we make public before you take the survey, have a peek HERE before you contribute to the survey and drop your pin.