Week 1 at Grow Remote

When we began Grow Remote we took a big abstract concept that we thought may kinda be a good idea hopefully if we were lucky. We had to break it down into little parts and work back. The last week before these projects go live are always weird ones as you can’t break it down any more and you just need to *do* and get it out in the world. This week was that week.

There are 200k+ remote workers in Ireland, most who don’t know eachother. Our aim is to build a community and ecosystem around that number and then increase it so that we ultimately positively affect the number of employment opportunities in the regions. Grow Remote a should work to the point where Grow Remote as one body isn’t needed because there is a well functioning community run by many people.

And so! Because we want it to be owned by many, we had a thought as we were sending a note on this week’s progress to the wider group. As this is an open community project, you may well like to see this stuff if you’re interested in it.

Update Week 1

In 5 days with €0 budget and a volunteer team (is that the ultimate humble brag!? #DreamTeam) we…

  • Got growth on all socials. Twitter has the highest engagement but also the most time invested.
  • Website had 1, 047 sessions
  • Mailchimp form had 134 signups
  • Twitter increased to 289 followers
  • Facebook & Instagram had the least amount of time investment. Some progress with new faces but we are still under 100 likes.
  • 6 requests to sponsor
  • 28 nominations of places to host Grow Remote’s first event
  • 5 additional requests for further information from towns
  • 2 pieces of media in Think Business & Silicon Republic, one set up for a Sunday paper & 2 radio interviews booked
  • 3 new blog posts sent in

We got about 200 things done and managed to mess up about 8 times. As a large and remote volunteer team, things just aren’t going to go smoothly 100%. We didn’t give a heads up to two organisations we should have before we went live. We mis-credited one place and didn’t credit another. The hosting for the site goes monthly from my card but I didn’t have enough in my account to renew it. The contact form broke. One or two bios/photos went out that weren’t up to date.

We set up 5 social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and a mailing list on Mailchimp. Got the growth you’d expect in week 1 and below are the numbers. Our highest engagement rate was 7.6% on a tweet to sign up to Abodoo, the nearForm tweet travelled the furthest to an audience of 4k, and Facebook is……..our nemesis. We can’t seem to get around Facebook without paying, so this goes on the to-do list to figure out.

The purpose of the social stuff is to build the foundation to the community. The purpose of it this week was to get out the link to nominate a town to host it. The purpose of the nominations was mobilisation of town groups. The last call we got was at 7pm on Friday evening from a incredibly interesting town group in the south — just to let us know they’re there all weekend if we need any more information. It’s clear we’ve hit on a real need and towns are mobilised. We were nearly on auto-pilot to push for more but actually, 28 is a doable number and we can meaningfully work with that group. We need to work with them in the next week to properly understand if they’re a suitable place, but beyond that we need to figure out a process that will help them to get to the ultimate goal — be a place that increases the number of remote workers housed there. For this one, we need to flesh out 2 ideas: 1) We need to get companies who want to run remote working retreats to let us know so that we can engage towns 2) We need a process to allow towns to submit the stories of remote working to us to cover off the educational piece.

September 4th is the next deadline and we want to know the location by then. Between September 4th -27th we’ll be solely concentrated on getting set up in the location, ticket sales, and the mailing list numbers.

Here’s the Google Drive home for Grow Remote. In there is our to-do list for this week. Feel free to add, or hop in where you can help (*hint hint* Facebook people with free credits and a knack for it!!).

The team includes Rose, Joe, Ciara, Eoin, Katleen, Sean, Cian, John, Shauna, Noel, Louise — we’re lucky that we’re all motivated by the bigger picture. We’re lucky that we’ve all enjoyed working pretty hard to make week 1 a success.

If you want to get involved email hello@growremote.ie, if you want to fill us with glee the next time we check in on numbers then sign up here.