What are Remote Working Companies?

This is the shortest of our posts, the most to the point and right now, the most urgent.

We have the communities, we have the remote workers, we have the attention of those who may want to remote work and now we need more companies.

  • Do you know a remote working company who technically is already hiring here but we haven’t made a lot of noise about it?
  • Know some companies who hire remotely and would hire here if they thought they could get to critical mass per area?
  • Know any company that would work remotely if they see the talent?
  • Any company hiring here and can’t find the talent?

There’s a whole community of volunteers who have purpose-built remote working communities. A well functioning community can act like your free recruiter because when you hire here we thrive in rural Ireland. And we can surf and swim and hike and have no traffic and a lower cost of living, so we’re all in.

Email us at [email protected]. We’re hungry for it.