Why Remote? Teamwork.com

You know Teamwork.com? Those guys who bootstrapped their way to greatness? By greatness we mean having a slide in their offices. But also excellent product brilliant culture, delighted customers and a wonderful way of working. Really, if Teamwork can service their global customer base while running remote working policies, anyone should.

What does your company do?

  • Teamwork.com is a self-funded SaaS company headquartered in Cork city which has been in business for 11 years. We are driven by a vision to make teams around the world efficient, organised and happy by providing a suite of integrated software for businesses. Our products are used by teams of all sizes across multiple industries ranging from education to financial services. Currently we have three products in our product suite but this will grow to five by the end of 2018 with more products planned for the next three years.
    • Teamwork Projects is a work management platform which runs teams of all types from project to creative to development.
    • Teamwork Desk is the helpdesk that’s invisible to your customers.
    • Teamwork Chat is a completely free internal chat collaboration platform for businesses which integrates tightly with the Teamwork.com product suite

What’s the background to you having remote teams?

  • While we are a heavily Cork-based company, we do have the focus of hiring great talent no matter where they come from — in fact, one of our product leads, Brandon, is based in California.
  • Our first remote hire was Ivo, a senior designer, based in Bulgaria who joined Teamwork.com in 2012.
  • We currently employ 50 remote staff across 18 countries (roughly 23% of our workforce).

What kind of roles do you hire for?

  • We have roles across engineering, sales, marketing, support, and services. To date we’ve targeted our remote roles to developers and designers, however we’re open to hiring the right people no matter where they work.

How do you source remote workers?

  • We have an internal recruitment team who focuses heavily on direct sourcing through LinkedIn, however they also use Dribble and Stack Overflow.

How do you manage results remotely?

  • We leverage the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to align our organisational goals and targets. Within EOS, every 90 days each team sets their Rocks (the 3-7 most important objectives for that period) in alignment with the company strategy. Team leaders are then responsible for managing their employees which includes tracking impact against those Rocks. It will vary slightly from team to team, however, we use our own product, Teamwork Projects, to manage the workload and track progress and results.

How do you manage culture remotely?

  • The use of video for calls and meetings is extremely important when managing culture. Distance can of course take its toll on any team, however if we use technology to keep body language and facial expressions a part of the equation we can keep the culture positive.
  • The in person connectivity is extremely important as well. Therefore, twice a year we take a full week to host what we call a “Grand Council” where we fly all of our remote employees over for planning, team building, and evenings full of social events.

How can towns and communities make it easier for you to hire there?

  • Towns and Communities can have a huge impact on how easy it is to hire primarily through investment in co-working spaces. We love when our remote workers have the opportunity to set up in these spaces if they so choose — and we’ll cover the costs. While working from home is always an option, sometimes the social aspect of going into an office where there’s other people can help to keep the energy up.
  • Community social events are also great for remote workers. It’s easy as a remote worker to feel a sense of missing out or disconnect from your own team culture, but that gap can easily be filled by the worker’s local community. Humans are social beings and anything a local community can do to keep that side up is great!