Spotlight on Zapier – Connecting with Colleagues Remotely

We spoke to some members of the Zapier team to learn more about their remote working culture and values. This is the first in a series of blogs featuring conversations with Zapier employees. In this blog, we focus on interpersonal connection between “Zapiens”.

Darcell Edwards is a Talent Sourcer for Zapier. He works closely with recruiters and hiring managers to find New Zapiens to join the Marketing team.

“My favourite thing about working at Zapier is the people! The work environment is the best that I have ever worked in. Everybody is so friendly and always willing to help me learn and grow!”

The culture at Zapier focuses on Camaraderie from Afar because they believe that being 100% distributed does not hold them back from building bonds between their teams.

Daily conversation between Zapier colleagues includes non-work topics like #fun-cooking and #fun-scifi and weekly posts to the Zapier blog show off pictures of pets and hobbies. Twice-annually, Zapiens come together for an all-team retreat that includes activities like crafting, basketball, karaoke, and rock climbing. Zapier makes space for everyone’s flavour of fun.

In Darcell’s own words:

“Every day I learn something new, and I am always encouraged to ask questions and collaborate with Zapiens that are not on my team. In addition, I love that I can truly live the “Default to Action!” I can contribute and create solutions when I come across a problem. Because of this, I know that I am making a change within the organisation, which feels great.”

Bethany Bledsoe is the Manager of the Culture and Leadership Onboarding Team at Zapier. Her role is to lead the team on new strategies and projects, support and develop team members on their chosen path of growth, and work cross-functionally with other teams to create the best customer experience.

One of the things Zapier works hard at as a company is Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. As Bethany told us:

“Not to sound cliché, but my favourite thing about working at Zapier is the people! Zapier has really done a great job including our values in the recruiting process.  Because of this, we have some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with, all with different backgrounds and personalities – but all with similar values.

As a global community of users, Zapier is building a workplace where people from all backgrounds can thrive. Agreeing to the Zapier code of conduct is integral to joining the team as it ensures a culture of respect and responsibility when engaging with colleagues.

They mention on their website that staff members have regular open discussions on topics like gender equality, unconscious bias, and talk about the idea of celebrating our differences.

“I believe that’s what adds to the dynamic culture here at Zapier.  It makes it a fun and exciting place to work!

Bethany Bledsoe, Manager of Onboarding Team: Culture and Leadership

For our May edition of the Grow Remote Jobs Club, we opened up a conversation with Auriel Oates and Rita Dowling from Zapier to discuss in more detail their culture, values and current job openings.