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There are 80,000 remote jobs open in Ireland today. These are decent jobs with salaries, pensions, and benefits.  Remote work has evolved from freelance and gig work, and with that, the skills required have changed. 

At Grow Remote, we are building a remote ready workforce in Ireland, led by some of the world’s largest remote employers.

Our programmes are fun, engaging, and wrapped up in community. We’re really eager to see you succeed, and maybe even contribute back to the community, just like Rebecca did. 

Join our next info session to know more about the programme. We have an info session every week to give you an overview of the courses, schedules, and you can ask us questions live.

LOETB, in collaboration with IDA Ireland, SOLAS, and Grow Remote, has created this training program to develop the skillset required of learners wishing to enter into employment in the area of Remote Work.

This is an 8 week, fully funded program, with a minimum mandatory time investment of 4 hours per week.  The contact hours for the course are broken into, on average, 2 meetings for the live sessions and optional Ask Me Anything sessions with remote experts.

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New Groups are Starting Soon! 

You still have time to join. Here’s our schedule: 

Start Date: Spring 2023
Duration of course: 8 weeks   

What We Offer

Grow Remote offers connections to industry expertise and access to knowledge that is at the cutting edge of remote work.

Beginner Course

This course is designed for those new to remote work, or with some experience.

While it is beginner-friendly, you will be expected to make an effort to have your basic set up of platforms like Zoom and Slack or before starting (and we’ll help with this). 

Industry Identified Skills

The course includes all of the skills and knowledge that remote employers are looking for and to set you up for success in your remote work search.

This course is part of our work to ensure Ireland has a competitive ‘Remote Ready Workforce’.


Realworld Expertise

You will get the opportunity to hear from those working with remote teams.  During the course, we will welcome speakers ranging from remote employers and managers to those working in remote teams, and remote experts on areas such as communication and well being.

This is a unique opportunity to hear straight from potential future employers and colleagues.  

Some of our speakers

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John Riordan


John is Director of Support for Shopify.  John leads a variety of different customer support teams for Shopify, including groups in Ireland, Lithuania, Sweden, Canada as well as the Philippines, Japan, and China. 

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Renate Kohlman

RC Consulting

With over 25 years in leadership roles, Renate Kohlmann embarked on the world of remote working as Senior Manager with Dell in 2004.  Founder of RK Consulting, Renate specialises in management support and mentoring. 

rc consulting remote working consultants
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Dee Coackley


Dee Coakley is a three-time COO, which is where she experienced first-hand the operational challenges of setting up employees in new countries, and so is now building Boundless.  Boundless is solving the difficulties for small and mid-size businesses of running multi-country payroll and HR compliance.

Employer Partners on this programme include…

What People Are Saying

That I’m not the only over 40 interested in remote work, was lovely to see. I met people of my own age and situation on this course: it seems we were handpicked, as we seemed to have an awful lot in common. The time has gone too fast – I’ll miss our chats! – but hopefully we will all stay in contact.

Denise Kelly

My biggest learnings by taking on this course is how I can be a successful professional working remotely. I found contentment by participating in this course and enjoying the life balance that remote work brings. I realised my ability to adapt to the culture and the mindset of this new challenge.

Martina Harmon

“My biggest takeways from this course were: the collaboration techniques needed for remote work; how much the remote work scene in Ireland is becoming active; and the upskilling on essential remote tools like Slack, Zoom, and other project management tools.”

Carmel Haugh

Remote Working

Course Structure

The course is made up of 2 main elements – both contain live call requirements:

  • Remote Work Ready – Online Course plus live speaker sessions
  • Ask Me Anything and Coaching Sessions – focused on its application in a Remote Environment



Remote Work Ready

The remote work ready course is broken into self-paced learning modules and live interactive sessions with industry experts. 

We’ll use the tools we’re learning about daily.  The focus on putting those learnings into practice helps to build our confidence in our new skillset and ensure we’re ready to work remotely straight away. 

Along the way, the team at Grow Remote is there to support you, along with your class.  If you need some extra support or have lots of questions, we’re here to help.

The content in the course has been thoughtfully created to help you learn while keeping you interested and engaged. 


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